A map dating back as early as the year 1870 show that the farm building was an L-shape. The entrance/driveway to the farm was from the field to the East. This is the earliest map available for this area. Historical records show the farm name is Achvraid Farm, in gaelic is "Ach’ a’ Bhràghaid". (meaning field of the upland)


A map published in 1894 shows the farmhouse has been built sometime between 1870-1894. This map also shows there was an addition made to the existing L-shaped steading, making it the U-shape that stands today.


Maps indicate that the entrance/driveway to the farm was relocated to the North/East, over the existing Essich Burn (stream). The driveway is the same as we know today.


The farm was used as a dairy around this time, with cows being milked by hand. Milk was taken by horse drawn cart to Inverness, approximately 4 miles away.


An area of the farmland was planted in Norwegian Spruce trees for commercial tree farming purposes.


The previous owner bred horses and ponies. Part of the existing steading was converted into a 2 bedroom holiday cottage circa 2008.


The existing U-shape steading is being converted into holiday cottages. The Norwegian spruce planted in the 80's has been felled. The farm was renamed to Essich Park and is now home to a small herd of Alpacas.

map extracts from 1870 vs 2021 (Reference - National Library of Scotland)